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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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walking out of the courtroom. >> thank you. thank you, lord, for getting my niece free. >> the family is elated. noor can go home now to her son, resume her life and try to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: she was facing a possible life sentence after her husband committed one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern u.s. history. june 12th, omar mateen killed 49 people and injured more than 50 others and then was killed by police. prosecutors argued she committed obstruction of justice, provided material support to a foreign terrorist organization and aided her husband in the mass shooting but a florida jury acquitted her of all charges. >> a year and a half agobbled she had dropped him off at the pulse, didn't you? that didn't happen. up until three weeks ago, you believed they scouted the pulse. that didn't happen. >> reporter: outside salman's mother's home in the east bay, no one answered the door and
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her neighbors were silent. but back in florida before salman's family left the area, they wanted people to know their thoughts are not only with salman but those who were killed almost two years ago. >> we are looking forward to taking my niece and hire a therapist for her. i don't know how she is going to make up for the last two years. >> we're very sorry for the family members and friends of the 49 victims of the pulse nightclub shooting and also the survivors of that horrible attack. >> reporter: it's unclear what's next for salman and we don't know where she is at this time. a family spokesman says that she didn't come back to california but she wouldn't say more. >> paul, when that verdict was announced today, what was noor salman's reaction? >> salman was very tearful and very happy of course because she is able to go home. she was somber and wanted to get back to her son. >> paul chambers in the newsroom. thank you. today a number of people were at the site of the pulse
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nightclub in orlando. they held signs saying we will not let hate win in tribute to the 49 people who died there. several people were surprised by the verdict clearing omar mateen's widow of wrongdoing. the mother of a man who died into the shooting is disturbed that noor salman is now a free woman. >> now she will actually be able to raise her son, she will actually be able to see him get married, see him have children so when i'm here alone and looking at what i have is a wall of memories of christopher, that's all i'm going to have. >> just yesterday, christopher's high school unveiled a memorial for him and friends are setting up a nonprofit in his name. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is recovering tonight from emergency open-heart surgery. his spokesman said the 70-year- old is awake and in good spirits and the first thing he
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said after surgery was, i'm back! he is being treated at cedars- sinai hospital in los angeles. a spokesman also confirmed that schwarzenegger was going through an experimental catheter valve replacement and developed complications that required the surgery. today we learned the details of an independent autopsy performed on stephon clark, shot and killed by sacramento police this month. vicki gonzalez tells us that the man the family hired to perform this independent autopsy found that clark was shot eight times. reporter: with the official autopsy pending from the sacramento county coroners the family of stephon clark commissioning a private autopsy for the 22-year-old shot and killed in his grandmother's backyard by sacramento police nearly two weeks ago. when officers mistakenly thought clark was holding a gun that turned out to be a cell phone firing 20 rounds at clark in five seconds.
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>> both of these are the same. >> reporter: an independent autopsy performed by dr. ben bennet omalu, he was struck eight times, the first bullet in the left rib cage. >> the propulsion of the bullet and the injuries caused may have shoved him around. >> reporter: the six following gunshots striking the 22-year- old's back and the final bullet in his leg. >> death took about 10 minutes. it was not instantaneous. >> reporter: omalu adding his independent autopsy coupled with video released by law enforcement show he was facing away from officers when he opened fire. >> the young man did not charge the officers based on the evidence that we saw today. >> reporter: but clark was running away from police, responding to reports about someone breaking car windows. >> in this case, stephon's
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life was not valued over property. >> reporter: those fighting for justice as well as the mayor and sacramento police want to prevent a death like stephon clark's from happening again. the sacramento police department is conducting an investigation into clark's death and the sacramento county district attorney's office is also conducting its own review. san francisco police have released body camera footage showing last week's deadly shootout at a san francisco barbershop. a 21-year-old man was killed and four others injured including a police officer and a teenager. the footage was released during an emotional town hall meeting last night where community members say the police's use of force put people in harm's way. >> you guys handled that all messed up. there are dads, brothers, husbands, in that shop. my son goes there and does homework in the back. you guys walk in there and shoot the place up. >> the shootout started after
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police received a call from the suspect's parents who said 21-year-old jahed eid was threatening them with a gun. police found him in the barbershop and that's when the gunfire erupted. the family attended last night's meeting and is divided over whether the use of lethal force was justified. a baton rouge police officer will be fired and another will be suspended for three days for the deadly shooting of a black man in july of 2016. the police chief's announcement comes three days after louisiana's attorney general said criminal charges would not be filed in the death of alton sterling. sterling was shot and killed during a struggle with officers outside a convenience store where he was selling cds. his death set off protests. state attorney general xavier becerra has announced the state of california is filing a lawsuit against sutter health which is the largest hospital system in northern california. he accuses sutter of practices that have resulted in higher
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healthcare costs for patients. after a six-year investigation, he found that sutter set higher prices for patients and did not give them low cost options. the lawsuit aims to restore competition in the state's healthcare market. >> it's time to hold healthcare corporations accountable and bring down illegally inflated healthcare costs that are imposed on california's families. we seek to stop sutter from continuing this illegal conduct. >> sutter health has not yet commented on the lawsuit. the u.s./mexico border is more than 1900 miles long and today officials said they are moving forward with work to secure about 100 miles of the southern border. as laura ingle reports, the news comes as the president looks for ways to fund one of his biggest campaign projects. -- promises. >> we started building our wall. i'm so proud of it. >> reporter: president trump vowing he would build a wall along the southern border with mexico. friday u.s. customs and border protection officials delivering an update on the barrier's construction.
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>> in san diego, we are 'looking at 14 miles of new border wall. >> reporter: so far, crews are only working on replacing existing border fencing and despite president trump's push for federal funding, congress has only covered the cost of 100 miles of wall over the next year. >> it doesn't fund our needs in the most critical locations. our agents and officers have decades of experience and they know their operational needs. >> reporter: now the president is trying to convince the pentagon to pick up the $25 billion tab a move that's currently blocked by budget and spending rules. but as the funding battle continues, questions are being raised about the need for the wall with some border staff saying they prefer technology over a physical barrier. >> the truth is, walls work. and the data shows it. and agents know it. >> reporter: the president is getting more support for the wall. this week 380 sheriffs from 40 states sending a letter to congress calling on lawmakers to fund the border wall and take action against sanctuary city policies. in new york, laura ingle, fox news.
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police in the east bay chase a stolen car and an officer nearly gets hit. details about what they found inside the stolen car. >> it's been a bad week for tesla. some say it's ominous. >> also ahead, a staggering statistic from a bay area school. it says more than 50% of its students are homeless. from washers and dryers at school to rides to and from homeless shelters, coming up next, how the school had to step up and help. >> high clouds over the bay area this afternoon. temperatures just slightly cooler today. we will continue this minor cooldown into your bay area weekend coming up.
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an undocumented immigrant from san jose was released from federal custody in a case that drew attention and protest. supporters of fernando carrillo say a federal judge issued the order yesterday. the judge determined he could be persecuted if he was sent back to mexico. we are told he will be released next week. his wife says he was dropping off his 4-year-old daughter at daycare on october 11th when he was detained. i.c.e. has said carillo had been deported to mexico previously and had a dui conviction. immigrants rights groups say they have serious concerns about a new practice by the contra costa county sheriff's office to publish the date an inmate will be released from custody. the state so-called sanctuary laws are meant to limit local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration
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officials. immigrants rights advocates say the sheriff's office is trying to exploit a loophole by indirectly communicating with i.c.e. officials. orange county also recently started publishing release dates online. this is a startling sta tissic. the ravenswood city school district says about half of their students are homeless. ktvu's ann rubin is in east palo alto where the district is implementing programs to help families make ends meet. reporter: they say when so many people are struggling the district needs to focus on food and hygiene in addition to education. for many students in the ravenswood city school district, this is what home looks like, some live in rvs, others in garages a few in tents. >> at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we were at 55% homeless. i -- i was appalled. >> reporter: that's right. half the kids in the district are homeless.
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their families unable to afford rent in silicon valley. the definition of homeless in this case includes those putting entire families in single rooms or garage spaces. among them, this person's children. she spoke to us through a translator. >> for a time, her oldest child stayed with friends and she and her husband were sleeping in their car. >> reporter: ravenswood located in east palo alto has taken action. this year they put washers and dryers at the school so kids wouldn't have dirty clothes. they also introduced a hot supper in addition to the breakfast, snacks and lunch already served. the district has vans to pick up kids each day at local homeless shelters and they brought in counselors to help students cope. >> again, that's not enough but it's a band-aid approach. but that's the best we can do. >> reporter: they also realize families needed help outside of school hours. and so they formed a partnership with second harvest to open an on-site food pantry. >> we know that there were children who were eating well during the week when school
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was in session but on weekends not so well. >> reporter: while it's a start, those in this rv enclave say more needs to be done. >> we want to make awareness of our community that we need support for these people because it's a problem that's not going away. >> reporter: so many are parking up and leaving town. the district has lost about 1,000 students over the last five years. and with them, the corresponding state funding. >> financial impact on us this year was devastating. we ended up with a $3.3 million deficit. >> reporter: they say the situation isn't sustainable for the district or the families. >> they will have to leave. >> reporter: next, the superintendent says she will look at building housing on school grounds because she says students aren't the only ones suffering. she says teachers can't afford
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to make ends meet here either. >> ann it's so hard to familiar thom that -- to fathom that in the middle of silicon valley people are holds. are they hoping that some of these high-tech companies might help out? >> reporter: that's a conversation we had and yes there's always that hope. i think they are willing to try every resource at their disposal and to ask for help where help is available but, yes, they have a lot of these businesses moving into the area and i do think that they are hoping that perhaps there might be some help for them down the road. >> you're surrounded by google, facebook, cisco systems, um, it's just -- it's just -- incredible to think 55% of the students are homeless. ann, thank you. outside our doors this afternoon high clouds overhead. the offshore breeze let up just a bit and temperatures fell just slightly still a warm day and well above average. here's a look at what's going on outside our doors.
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a beautiful view there of san francisco as we look across the bay. san francisco downtown still 73 degrees right now. santa rosa upper 70s. for some it's quite warm. as we get into the weekend, the subtle changes will continue with a minor drop in temperatures with each passing day. here's a look at storm tracker 2 and you can see the cloud cover that continues to spill in. so we get that soft sunlight that filtered sunshine and that helps to offset some of the heat in the afternoon. not by a whole lot. high pressure is in control. not going to see rain out of it but temperatures coming down just slightly for your bay area weekend. so for today, a minor drop and then as we get into saturday
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and sunday, the drop will continue. the possibility of a little bit of fog returning to the bay area although it doesn't look like a lot. we'll be partly cloudy for most of the weekend. here's a look at the futurecast model. notice we're partly cloudy getting into the overnight hours and then there's tomorrow morning. maybe a few clouds to start the day. and then partly cloudy skies we major. looks like we have fog near ocean beach and pacifica. it will be gorgeous over the weekend not too hot for most. overnight lows: afternoon highs for tomorrow another warm one for many in the north bay. we'll go 80 degrees for santa rosa. 74 expected san rafael. low 70s for the east bayshore bayshore. 60s and 70s and 80s in the area.
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here's the extended forecast. nice temperatures on easter sunday. monday cooler. we rebound stay with us some tuesday into wednesday but notice the temperatures here only subtle changes going on for the next several days. by thursday, though, the possibility of rain moving into the bay area. so we'll be tracking that between now and then. if you are heading to tahoe i'll have a look at that forecast coming up. some businesses across the state are closed in observance of cesar chavez day. it's a day to celebrate the legacy of the late farm labor leader. it's been a holiday in california since 2000. it became a federal commemorative holiday in 2014 under president obama.
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chavez is credited with improving work and quality of life conditions for immigrant farm workers. san francisco held a breakfast this morning to honor chavez. mayor mark farrell was among those in attendance at the annual legacy awards holiday breakfast. it was held at the longshoreman's hall. proceeds benefit the cesar chavez parade and festival. the days around the cesar chavez holiday is a good time to give back and help people in need. >> it's also a moment for all of to us reflect on what we can give back to the community because good things just don't happen just because someone wants them. they happen because someone makes the sacrifices, works towards that goal and works for others. >> cesar chavez day will be celebrated tomorrow on his birthday. the holiday parade and festival is set for saturday, april 14th. coming up, the warriors have been leaders when it comes to speaking out on social issues. in a moment, how the team is
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opening up about the shooting death of stephon clark in sacramento. and what may happen when they travel to sacramento tomorrow. >> and later coming up new at 6:00 desperate calls for help in the north bay. "2 investigates" has the newly released 911 calls giving a picture of the chaos and panic as last october's firestorm erupted.
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the golden state warriors are preparing to play the kings tomorrow night in sacramento and they are faced with a decision on whether
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they should address the police shooting there of stephon clark. many fans watched closely how the warriors react to community and social issues. rob malcolm has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: good evening. a noon rally in honor of stephon clark is being planned in sacramento before tomorrow's warriors game. and an open invitation has gone out to the players from the warriors to attend. some today at practice said they will make that decision tonight on the team bus. the death of stephon clark has resonated with the golden state warriors. >> yeah, i mean, it just -- um, another kid taken away from his family and friend and his life taken away for who knows what. it's a tragedy, man. it sucks. >> something i never been through and, you know, couldn't imagine. so we'll talk about it tonight and see what we can do. >> reporter: as the warriors get ready to play the kings in sacramento on saturday night, the team is well aware of the tragedy which has unfolded in
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the city and the business of basketball will be a priority. if the players protest stephon clark, it remains a personal decision. >> i mentioned to our players yesterday that, um, if -- if they wanted to be part of -- of, um, anything that's going on, um, that it's something that they should discuss, um. we haven't really talked about it as an organization. >> reporter: on thursday the day stephon clark was laid to rest, former warrior and king matt barnes invited players to protest with him in a park. he lives in the community where he played. >> great he is going at it at his hometown. it hit close to home with him. i'm sure it's a difficult situation for everybody involved and we want to support the family and show them that we care. >> reporter: the city has been rocked with protests in the streets and the arena. another protest scheduled for game day presents a challenge for the warriors who are recognized as being one of the more socially active franchises in the league. >> as coach right now, um, of,
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um, a team that's lost three straight home games, ha ha, i'm, um, you know, i'm kind of focused on basketball. but at the same time, i'm, um, very much aware of what's been going on. >> reporter: clark, the father of two, was shot eight times from the back or side mortally wounded, taking him three to 10 minutes to die and regardless of who shows up on game day, matt barnes hopes his former teammates will take the time. >> i'm here for support and i'm here as a father and as a black man. tired of seeing this. >> reporter: head coach steve kerr saying it's up to the players. what i protestors argue for transparency in the investigation, they say sacramento police reacted disproportionately to a routine call to vandalism in the shooting death of stephon clark. >> thank you.
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the golden state warriors helped to honor the late mayor ed lee today. the team along with the salvation army dedicated the edwin court at the chinatown community center in san francisco. zaza pachulia was at the event as well as mark farrell. >> the one thing i remember is in talking about sports with mayor lee, that's when he put on his happiest face all the time whether it's talking about a golf game or talking about the warriors or the giants or the 49ers. that's what he was all about. and it is so fitting that we are here today. >> the gym and basketball court at the community center were refurbished in partnership with the warriors, pg&e and the good tidings foundation. still ahead tonight, officers found a lot more than they expected when they chased a stolen vehicle. >> there's two other complete thefts. there's eight more tires and wheels inside the car and we
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don't know who they belong to. >> coming up next, how tracking down a tire thief turned into a close call for one east bay police officer. >> and it's been a rough road for tesla over the past week or so. a big drop in the stock market, a deadly crash and now a recall. a look at what's going on with the bay area company.
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police say a tire thief was caught redhanded in san leandro today but not before an officer narrowly missed getting hit by the suspect's suv. our crime reporter henry lee joins us live from the san leandro police department with more. >> reporter: the suspect was busted when the suv he stole was crashed. that was the same vehicle they were looking for in two earlier tire thefts. this is the stolen suv mercedes that crashed after two people were caught stealing tires friday morning. it started at 5:30 when a san leandro police officer caught a man taking tires off a newer honda on benedict drive. >> when an officer saw in progress two tires removed from the vehicle, they were in the process of removing the other tires. >> reporter: the thieves saw the officer, jumped into the passenger seat of the mercedes with paper plates. it took off and they chased it. >> the suspect vehicle crashed into a park card and trying to flee the area the officer had to move out of the way to avoid being hit.
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>> reporter: the driver crashed into a hill. police caught the passenger but the driver escaped. inside the mercedes, police found the two wheels stolen from the honda but there was more. >> two other complete sets. eight more tires and wheels inside that car and we don't know those belong to so someone else this morning got victimized overnight. and probably woke up to their car on the ground. >> reporter: police confirm that the mercedes is the same suv spotted in two earlier tire thefts. the thieves were targeting newer hondas and acuras with 18" tires. police say both hondas and their wheels are really popular now with thieves. coming up at 5:30, we'll hear from a tire shop worker and how you can secure your wheels. >> they will put the blocks under the wheels and then they let the air out of the tires sometimes and then that way that gives them the -- when they let the air out, they are able to get the wheels off without having to jack it up. >> reporter: he showed us these wheel locks which could be put on the tires to guard against theft. >> if you really wanted to
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prevent it you could put, like, two different styles of wheel locks on there. and so that way you have to have two separate keys. >> reporter: now, of course, wheel locks won't do too much good if the bad guys take your entire car. now, police tell me hondas and their wheels are very popular with thieves. live in san leandro, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused an suv carrying a family of eight to go over a cliff in mendocino county. authorities say they are looking into the weather, road conditions, and brake failure. they say they have no reason to believe that the crash was intentional. but they also say that they didn't find any evidence that the driver tried to brake. the adoptive mothers and three of their six children have been confirmed dead. three other children are still missing but are presumed dead. mendocino county sheriff's say 12 people were out searching
5:34 pm
for the children today. child protective services was looking into allegations of child abuse and wanted to question the parents just days before the crash. a man has been convicted of attempted murder for shooting two unarmed officer in the lobby of the fresno county jail. a jury convicted the 38-year- old man and rejected his claim of self-defense. officials say the suspect shot the two officers in 2016 when he tried cutting to the front of the visitors line. when the officers confronted him, he pulled out a gun and shot the guard. prosecutors say he could face more than 100 years in prison when sentenced. tesla had a rough time over the past week or so. their stock is down and they have had to recall some cars. ktvu's tom vacar looks back at the list of problems and what the future may hold. reporter: in front of the palo alto tesla store this afternoon, way up high on a car carrier sat an unusual sight, a brand-new fire engine
5:35 pm
red tesla model 3 still a rarity compared to what tesla had promised. on that, says a former wall street investment banker and dean emeritus of the golden gate university school of business, tesla violated a basic principle taught in business school. >> underpromise and overdeliver. they seemed to have done just the opposite. >> reporter: according to a bloomberg business news calculation, since july of last year, tesla has built less than 12,000 of the half million model 3s that have been ordered and still is only making less than 1100 a week. if they can't speed that way up and maintain quality, at that rate it would take over 20 years to deliver the order backlog. >> those can be cured. but if you begin to get a reputation in the markets as overpromising and underdelivering, that can be sort of semi fatal to your stock price. >> reporter: tesla stock which stood at $385 six months ago stands today at $266 a loss of
5:36 pm
31%. a week ago, tesla had a fatal crash so bad, the national transportation safety board is looking into it. this week, it voluntarily recalled 123,000 model s cars to replace an important power steering component. it has an operating loss of $5 billion and is burning through cash! one critical hedge fund executive suggests the tesla could be broke in four months. >> under that circumstances, you would be well advised to be modest in your expectations. >> reporter: what tesla needs right now is a whole lot of money in order to keep building cars. but the cost of borrowing that money is way more than it was just a year or two ago and that cost will cut into their profits. although consumers have many questions, tesla remains a solid brand. >> i don't think enough questions and i don't think enough consumers that it's the end of tesla by any means. i think they will weather the storm but i don't think they can make any more mistakes.
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>> reporter: for its part tesla is characteristically optimistic asking employees to volunteer time to speed up model 3 line and prove wrong what it called haters, critics, analysts, doom sayers and those who say it's a takeover target. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. hundreds of fans lined up in oakland to meet a legend. coming up next what snoop dogg was doing at a clothing store this afternoon. >> and this sounds like a job a lot of people will be applying for. netflix is hiring someone to binge watch their new original programming.
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3, 2, 1 ... >> spacex launched a falcon 9 rocket carrying 10 satellites into space. the launch took place this morning at the vandenberg air force base in southern california. the satellites are for iridium communications and were all successfully released into orbit. today's mission is the fifth set of 10 satellites being launched for the project all of the satellites expected to be in place by june. if you love to binge watch netflix all day, boy, have we got a job for you. the company is looking for an editorial analyst who will be
5:41 pm
paid to watch, research, categorize and rate movie and tv content. in other words, netflix is hiring someone to basically watch hours and hours of its original programming. the position calls for people who are passionate about tv and film, and have a deep knowledge more than 5 years' experience in education, of the film or tv industry. and whoever gets the job will have a lot of watching to do because netflix plans to release hundreds of original shows this year. the oakland fire marshal resigned today to take the same job in gilroy. miguel trajillo saw the department through a number of challenges and fatal fires including the ghost ship warehouse fire. after the tragedy, the department was criticized for having hundreds of backlogged building inspections and the controversy led to the departure of the fire chief. there will be a replacement sought. >> i truly appreciate the service that he has given oakland and i do look forward though to recruiting a new
5:42 pm
talented person who will have the resources that they need to keep this city safe. >> trujillo had been the fire marshal in oakland since 2015. hundreds of hip-hop fans lined up today at a new clothing store in oakland for a chance to meet rap star snoop dogg. he paid a visit to the dope era store at broadway and 19th. he greeted fans and signed autographs. the store is owned by a local rapper. he and snoop dogg are friends and we caught up with snoop dogg earlier today. >> for me to come down to the pay, it means the world to me and to him. this is what it's all about showing support for black businesses, to put something positive in the community. we both come from, you know, poverty-stricken areas where it's a lot of negativity where we living and we doing positive things. >> the dope era store just opened at its new location on broadway three weeks ago. mr. fab told ktvu that his lease ran out on the store he used to own in west oakland so he took the opportunity to
5:43 pm
make the move downtown. all right. this story is incredible. it's the dream of anyone who played sports but never got close to making it to the pros. last night, a man in chicago proved that you can go from your accountant's desk to an nhl arena. coming up, how this rec league goalie just became a legend by actually playing and helping to win a real nhl game last night. >> i'm tracking a minor cooldown for your bay area weekend. we'll check in on your current conditions and show what you to expect in the extended forecast. coming up.
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palestinian protestors are using the convergence of passover and good friday to stage mass protests which are now turning violent. the militant group hamas staged a massive protest that started as a sit-in but quickly spun out of control. health officials are reporting several deaths and hundreds of injuries. the israeli military says the violence started when protestors began throwing rocks and rolling burning tires towards border guards. >> today is a turning point for our people and our history of national struggle and fight. on our way to freedom and return. >> there is also a renewed focus among palestinians on the right of return. that's the idea that palestinian refugees should be allowed to resettle in israel. many say they will keep
5:47 pm
protesting until their demands are met. israel hopes to contain the violence. russia is putting western countries on notice say they will observations spell the same number of diplomats from country who expel russian diplomats. the russian foreign ministry says it's needed but they want to keep strong relations with the west. rich edison has more. >> reporter: russia responds to the west. russian foreign ministerster sergey lavrov informed john huntsman that 60 american diplomats have until april 5th to leave the country.>> these measures include the expulsion of the same number of diplomats including our decision to which draw the license for the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg. >> reporter: the russian government is also forcing the u.s. to close its st. petersburg consulate in response to the u.s. expelling 60 russian diplomats and closing the consulate in seattle. in response to the poisoning of an ex-russian spy and his daughter in the united kingdom. >> you know that russia was forced to make reciprocal action in response to those unfriendly unconstructive illegal actions by washington in this case expulsion of
5:48 pm
diplomats and closure of the consulate. >> reporter: the russian foreign ministry is also ordering britain to reduce the number of its diplomats in moscow. more than 2 dozen countries including the united states have ordered out more than 150 russian diplomats this week. russia will respond to those countries, as well. >> russia remains open for developing good ties. we want these relationships. >> reporter: the state department says the united states reserves the right to respond further as russia is responsible for the first offense, poisoning a man and his daughter in the united kingdom. at the state department, rich edson, fox news. new video has been released after the russian defense ministry tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile yesterday. this is the missile's second test. russian officials hope it will replace a previous style missile and say it was to study the missile's launch
5:49 pm
behavior. the test comes as russia faces backlash following the alleged poisoning of that former russian double agent and his daughter. outside this afternoon, another unseasonably warm day near record temperatures not as widespread as yesterday when it comes with the records so we set a few. sfo, hayward, and mountain view all either tied or broke records today. he highs today: right now, mild out there. going to feel nice for folks thinking about maybe getting outdoors for dinner. 80 degrees still in concord. 80 in livermore. that's 60 in brentwood, that's not accurate. that reading not good. 78 in santa rosa. upper 70s san rafael. 73 still in the city of san
5:50 pm
francisco. so a beautiful late afternoon early evening expected for you here. in the the cloud coverage thickening up some. we'll be in and out of clouds for the weekend. that helps to offset the warmth in the afternoon a little bit. and the offshore breeze backs off, as well. before your weekend, we do have a system that will be riding to the north of us bringing our temperatures down a little more, a mixture of sun and clouds starting the morning with a little fog. but it. it's going to be a gorgeous bay area weekend. if you are thinking about heading to tahoe, here's the snow report: >> conditions good at tahoe. chilly overnight lows. so freezing to start the day. and then afternoon highs about 60 degrees under partly cloudy skies. that's some good spring skiing
5:51 pm
there if you are thinking about going over for the weekend. weekend. here's a look at what you can expect for the afternoon tomorrow in santa rosa 80 degrees expected. east bay low 80s. upper 60s san francisco and pacifica. south bay temperatures from the 70s to low 80s. the extended forecast, temperatures just a tad cooler getting into sunday. g into sunday.
5:52 pm
rain in the bay area by thursday. we'll definitely welcome it. we are still in the deficit. >> a good amount. >> we are several days out but it looks good. >> we'll watch it, thanks. half a billion dollars on the line tonight in tonight's mega millions drawing. this is just the fourth time the game's history that the jackpot is over $500 million. at last count the prize is worth $521 million. the cash payout would be nearly $320 million before taxes. and you still have a couple hours to buy the ticket. the drawing is at 8 p.m. accountant by day, nhl goalie by night. that's scott foster. 12 years ago, this guy was a college hockey goalie. these days he plays in a rec league with friends but last night, he became a rec league legend. the chicago blackhawks had to have him around in case because one of their goalies
5:53 pm
was injured and a second got hurt. during a game a third one was injured so incredibly they called foster into the game for the third period. not only did he play, this guy played great! he stopped all seven shots against him and the blackhawks won the game. >> the initial shock happened when i had to dress. and then i think you black out after that. from my perspective this is a dream. this is something i can go home and tell my kids and they can tell their friends and what not. it's fun and good memories. >> my god, can you imagine? he is playing against the best. after the game he was named the game's number one star. when asked what he is going to be doing today, he said he is going back to his accountant job. that's incredible. >> i love how it hit him when he had to dress. then you black out. but he blocked all the shots! >> i would be so terrified. that's incredible. >> that was amazing. >> that's the best story of
5:54 pm
the day. coming up, president trump wants to get u.s. troops out of syria. >> we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria, like, very soon. >> but the pentagon and u.s. allies apparently don't agree with the commander-in-chief. >> in minutes, coming up new at 6:00 surrounded by fire and caught off guard as the north bay firestorm swept through neighborhoods. "2 investigates" has the newly released 911 call that captures the chaos.
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5:57 pm
president trump says it's time for the u.s. to pull out of syria. lucas tomlinson has more now on the president's plan to bring american troops home. >> we'll be coming out of syria very soon. >> reporter: president trump signals the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria. just hours after the pentagon highlighted the need for troops to remain in the  country for the immediate future. nearly 2,000 u.s. troops remain inside syria working with local forces to reclaim territory from isis. defense secretary james mattis said withdrawing too early why syria would only give isis more opportunity to reestablish their control in the region. and some u.s. allies agree saying the removal of the american forces could hurt the coalition. >> it is not that easy that the u.s. will leave its
5:58 pm
allies. for more than 2.5 years, we have been together with the coalition. we liberated -- together. they gave us reassurances. we are in a contract with them. our forces are trained and armed by the coalition. >> reporter: in the past, the president has refused to set timelines saying he wanted to avoid enemies knowing his plan of action. now the president's calling for a quick departure. >> let the other people take care of it now. but we're going to be coming out of there real soon. going to get back to our country where we belong, where we want to be. >> reporter: president trump's comments came hours before an american and british service member were killed in a roadside bomb in syria marking the first time a u.s. service member had been killed in iraq or syria this year. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson, fox news. the golden state warriors hitting the road to face the sacramento kings this weekend but what's on their minds is bigger than basketball. tonight players weighing in on
5:59 pm
the deadly police shooting in sacramento of stephon clark. >> so it's a difficult situation for everybody involved and we want to support the family and show them that we care. >> reporter: this as we learn more about the killing from a private autopsy requested by clark's family. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. according to that examination, stephon clark was shot eight times by sacramento police. six of those shots were in his back. a 7th was to the side of his body. the pathologist said any of those seven wounds could have killed him. the 8th hit him in the thigh. a pathologist was hired by the family. stephon clark was shot to death by sacramento police as officers searched for a man smashing car windows. police chased him through backyards at night and believed that he was armed. but it turns out he was only carrying a cell phone. the autopsy results are calling into question whether clark was walking toward
6:00 pm
officer when he was killed as authorities have said. >> the proposition that has been presented that he was assailing the officers, meaning he was facing the officers, is inconsistent with the prevailing forensic evidence as documented at autopsy. >> reporter: the pathologist went on to say that clark lived between three and 10 minutes after being shot. after the gunfire police waited five minutes before they approached him but the pathologist said it's not clear if clark would have lived even with immediate medical attention. >> the official results from the county coroner are not expected for weeks. the city will aggressively seek answers about the circumstances of the shooting. of the shooting.


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